Refund Policy  

Our customers have the right to refund, if we are not able to fix their issues within 30 days of the date of purchase. However, refund will be capped to the amount charged by 24x7ITHelpDesk.Ca to resolve the issue, less any Taxes, except in those states and countries where taxes are refundable.

In case of subscription based plans, full refund will be processed, if 24x7ITHelpDesk.Ca team has not been able to resolve even a single issue. In case of one or more issues have been resolved, the fee is nonrefundable. However, 24x7ITHelpDesk.Ca at its sole discretion on case to case basis, may decide to refund subscription fee after deducting service charges.

Fee is Non Refundable in below mentioned cases:

(i) The issues have not been resolved and 24x7ITHelpDesk.Ca technician has not worked on the issue for last 15 days. (ii) It’s a Hardware issue or is beyond the scope of serviceplan

Refund Amount shall be directly credited to the credit card or a check shall be mailed to customer’s registered mailing address

Customers Please contact Toll Free Number  1 877 215 1423 to claim your refund or simply write an email to our refund team at info@24x7ITHelpDesk.Ca


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